About the Bike Routes

Everyone wants to find the most interesting, safest, and rideable bike route around town, right? We worked with local Duluth bicyclists to determine what a "rideable" bike route would be. It turns out that riders already know the best routes, so we turned to Strava.com for ridership maps.

What's ridership you say? Well, we define ridership as the density of riders, or the number of riders per road throughout the Duluth, MN area. Strava's fantastic app produces an annual Global Heatmap of cycling for all the roads worldwide.

To digest Strava's data into a biking app for you, we downloaded a copy of the Global Heatmap and analyzed each road within the St. Louis County, assessed its ridership and other factors like road surface, and gave it a "rideability" score. We then use the opensource pgRouting tool for our backend PostGIS/Postgresql database to process your start and end point and create a "rideable" bike route for you!

About Us

We're a bunch of GIS junkies and coding gurus having fun while in school for a master's in GIS/Cartgraphy (Web Map Programming) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
    Brian Robinson: bdrobinson2[at]wisc.edu ~ Ninja Warrier Developer
    JohnMark Fisher : jjfisher2[at]wisc.edu ~ Stealthy Sys Admin
    Kim Sundeen: kim.h.sundeen[at]gmail.com ~ Kung fu Coder
    Ian Bachman-Sanders : bachmansande[at]wisc.edu ~ Coding Bug Assasin
Feel free to send us feedback on the project! Or, see the github repo.